Monday, April 26, 2010

Progress !

I'm still having a hard time trying to write about how things are going with my internship, what fomal progress has been made and how I generally feel. And it is hard because I have so many thoughts scattered all over my brain that I don't know where to even begin, I don't know what thought to pull out of my brain first.

So I guess the highlight of this week has been finishing exams, packing, and going through departure training with Dr. Robinson who is by the way the head of the organizing team.

We have now gone through all the details of what we need to know in case of emergiencies, health related issues, what we need to be aware of in terms of culural and social interactions with others and how foreigners basically need to handle things in a developing country, I could go into detail with what we covered but that would take pages and pages of writing.

The outcome however has been quite comforting. I was and still am going through very different emotional phases when it comes to how I feel about going away to Ghana. Most of the time I am just excited and it seems like I couldn't leave early enough but at times and it is usually late at night when I come home and have some time alone to myself that I start thinking about what could happen that I just simply cannot predict. I have discussed my worries and concerns not only with people that I'm going there with but also with Dr. Robinson who has done alot of work in a develping country and also with students who have gone overseas to various parts of Africa before but for some reason I expect myself to be prepared in all ways possible. They always say except the "unexpected" but I think I try to not only define what the unexpected is but also how to deal with it. I think unconsciously I put this pressure on myself and now that I think about it, it is incredibly unrealistic.

But I as I mentioned this whole traning process has been very comforting, because aside from the general worry that comes with traveling to a place I have never gone to before, all of my other conerns have been shared and discussed.

It is now time for bed , I need to wake up early in the morning as usual.

I should also mention that I am very excited about tomorrow, I get to relax and enjoy the day with my friends whom I will be leaving for the summer, not looking forward to saying goobye. Tomorrow will be one bittersweet day.

Also, I will be deticating my next post soley to everything that I am looking forward to this summer, because the list has been sky rocking.

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