Monday, May 10, 2010

Leaving Canada!


It is Monday may 10th, a sunny day here at Toronto Ontario. I have fianlly managed to find some time to write about what has been going on with me. My flight is exactly 4 hours and 35 minutes from right now, that is only if our flight does not have any delays. I am all packed up, got my medication, my clothes and my technology aka mylaoptop, my camera, my mp3 player.

I have said my farewells to my family and friends and am ready to get on the air plane to enter the continent of Africa, and finally be in Accra. I suddenly realized how at this very moments my nerves have calmed down, my concerns have faded away somewhere out of the way in my brain and I am simply waiting to get my journey started.

I just really apprecitate the place that I am at this moment. I have no longer a a lister to refer to and comment on how much work is still left to do before I am ready, because RIGHT NOW I am ready to do and everything has been done, all the prep work of course.

I am done packing for one thing, I'm pretty sure I will get to Accra and think of an item that is absolutely essential to have and I'll just wonder how I forgot to bring one with me and how it managed not to end up on any of my "to buy" lists ( because there were alot of them and let's just leave it at that).

And I'm just really really happy about the fact that I think my parents are in more peace with the whole fact that I will be away from them more the usual amount. They are probably still more worried than they should be. But I will continue to have faith in them as they continue to have faith in me.

Me, Jess and Dave have been spending the weekend here at Toronto, there was a training session set up for us at the University of Toronto by Mike Klassen president of engineers without borders of the Uof T chapter) and Binnu ( returned JF/Mechanical Engineer), we covered a huge range of topics but what caught me off guard was the fact I realized most of my prep work was going into my adaptibility skills to new environments, but I think what most people don't realize is that, you have to exceed beyond that in order to reach out to the communities in are in need of real help and just being adaptable may not get the work done.

A couple of hours earlier, me, Jess and Dave took a walk around the neighbourhood, did a little bit of shopping, stocked up on sun screen and just enjoyed this sunny, lovely day. We also browsed this cozy little book store and I bought the book "does foreign aid really work" by Roger Riddell. I am so looking forward to reading it.

I guess that would be all for now. Hope you have a good morning as well. Only if I could hold on to this feeling forver.hmm......


  1. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip Katayoon jan! Make sure you keep us updated through your blogs! <3 Take care of yourself!!!! Go make a difference; I believe in you!!!!

  2. When you do remember that "one thing" you forgot, you know my number and you know i love mailing stuff.

  3. Kateee! I'm so excited you've left already. Although, I'm sad you haven't updated. You must let me know how your week went! Update soon please. Love and miss you! Take care!

  4. Kateeeee,

    Hope you'll have an awesome time and that you'll learn a lot. Have a great and a safe trip and I'm looking forward to reading your blogs :)
    You cn do it GIRL!!!!!!